The Spiral: Clear unconscious conditioning and emotional baggage with this transformative 7 Step Journey.


"The Spiral has truly been one of the most incredible transformational journeys of my inner discoveries and growth. It has helped me clear away so many blocks and obstacles I have been trying to clear for years. 


Lori Kinsey is an incredible practitioner and I believe we are Soul Sisters, who were meant to find each other through The Spiral process. I am forever grateful to Lori for the journey she took me on and continues to take. Lori showed up in my life at the exact right moment with her divinely inspired and guided offer of The Spiral. I am grateful to all the other people and situations that placed us on our path together. 


Each session was intuitive and so profound, taking me on a journey into deep emotions and memories of my childhood and into a healing and empowering presence. I was transforming inside my Spiral journey, rapidly feeling, and seeing the results of my intentions. Not always recognizing myself right away, as I was quickly shedding many layers of many emotions, becoming new and more evolved and aligned in my purpose work. 


The Spiral has been a deep transformational journey for me and for my family, as well, for what I am here to offer to this world. The Spiral has freed me from the chains of old stories of who I am not, it has broken my heart open into more love, it has expanded my mind into more wisdom of the unknown and the unseen. 


My conscious life has become more embodied, more fulfilled, more aware and free. I see and I live this life in a completely different realm now. It's magic.


Thank you!"


The Spiral

Testimonial for Lori Kinsey's The Spiral Journey from Anya Devi.
Testimonial for Lori Kinsey's The Spiral Journey from Shannon Dobbins.

"My experience with The Spiral has been nothing short of a miracle. I’ve spent years in therapy and have never experienced anything close to this level of healing. I struggled with internal battles and self-sabotage that left me feeling hopeless and without purpose my whole life.


In a few short months, The Spiral has broken down walls and created shifts that have been soul changing. All the things I’ve always hoped for are becoming reality. I no longer feel alone. I don’t feel empty. I am loved and I don’t need anyone else to make me feel complete. I’ve finally come home to myself and it has brought so much beauty to my everyday life. I’m blown away by the changes I’ve witnessed and have received comments from others who have also noticed these changes.


My Spiral practitioner, Lori Kinsey, is no doubt an angel on earth. Her gifts and her love of this work have been the reason for my success. I believe it was no coincidence that I found her and I am forever grateful to her and her beautiful spirit. 


I didn’t just find the Spiral, I believe the Spiral found me."

Shannon D.

The Spiral

"When I first signed up for The Spiral I knew that I would be loved and supported by Lori.


She makes you feel comfortable being raw to bring up and release emotional conditioning in life. She taught me how to be with my soul and how to listen. Climbing the spiral staircase with her has been such a life-changer. Lori walked me through all of my integration work and let me know it was perfect to feel whatever emotion was coming up." 

Jessica K.

The Spiral

Testimonial for Lori Kinsey's The Spiral Journey from Jessica Kleinman.